Karaouiyne mosque


The university of Al-Karaouiyne in Fez, Morocco is the second oldest university in the world after the University of Zaytuna inTunis, but classified as the first by Guinness World Records. The university was built as an educational institution as part of Mosque of Al-Karaouiyne by Ms. Fatima girl Mohammed Fihri Kairouane in 859. The university is still teaching as of today.
Many Western scientists have been graduated here, the university remains a center of intellectual activity, cultural and religious nearly a thousand years. Sylvester II who served as pope from 999 to 1003 studied here, and said he is to enter after his return to Europe the Arab numbers. The Maimonides Jewish physician and philosopher spent a couple of years during which he practice teaching at the university.

What you need to know:

  House of Worship
   All Family
Time to be spent : 1 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction : سيارة ألأجرة
Restroom : المراحض متاحة قرب جامع القرويين بالأداء
Parking Availablilty : موقف للسيارات متاح على بعد 800 متر
Food Availability : يوجد مقاهي وفي الغالب الدجاج الشواء, وكذلك السوق على بعد 700 متر


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