Batha Museum

The Batha Museum was built by Sultan Moulay Hassan I as is a Royal Palace in the last quarter of the nineteenth century to house summer residence and receptions, and was completed after by Moulay Abdul Aziz. Its reception halls are surrounded by an Andalusian garden. Despite the modern era of the building, the dimensions of the halls corridors, arches, decoration of tiles, and the good consistency between these elements made this architecturally specific in this period of history of Morocco.
In the year of 1915 and the beginning of the era of French protection the Palace is turned into a museum of "The arts, customs and traditions." The museum has experienced several changes, but the primary goal is the preservation of this cultural and natural place, as well as a guidance to help linking past to present.
The museum area is about a one hectare and preserving a variety of more than 6000 pieces like scripts, Astrolabes, wood, gypsum, in addition to coins, jewelry, clothing, textiles, ceramics and porcelain.

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   All Family
   Adults: 20 DH
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   Monday -  Friday       10:00 AM -  6:00 PM
Time to be spent : 2 Hour(s)
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   Small Taxi
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