Chellah is located on the left side of the Bouregreg River, just four kilometers away from the Atlantic dates back to the sixth or seventh century BC.
This region has an external wall as the old Romanian forts, and the main entrance door of large thick wood is topped by arch-style doors like old cities. There are two small castles centered by the entrance. Chellah facilities consists of: the mosque, the tomb of Abu al-Hasan, the school, the bathroom Merinid, neighborhood of crafts, Capitol, the Temple of the pre-Roman, the public square, shops, stores, Justice House, the city council hall, arch of victory, green spaces, gardens everywhere interspersed with trees.
Chellah is divided into two districts:
First, The Roman ruins consist of the Temple, Public Square, and the City Hall Council. The history of the place is dated back to the year 144 AD.
The second, wherein the remains of a mosque, cemetery, and a bathroom. The place is built in 1284 at the hands of the Sultan Merinid Abu Yacoub Yousef, who built a mosque with minaret that still struggle with time, then there the royal graves where Abu Yacoub Yousef and his wife Oum Alaez.

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