Exotic gardens

The exotic gardens is located on the outskirts of the city of Sale, 15 kilometers from the capital Rabat, and was named exotic due to the variety of plants from different continents in unexpected place.
The park contains more than a thousand species of plants and trees some of them are rare to find, for this it was classified by UNESCO in 2005 as a human heritage.
The story of the creation of this park is back to the visit of the French agricultural engineer Marcel Francois to Bouknadel village in the early fifties of last century. Francois has been touring around the world before settling in Morocco. Francois has been known for his love of landscapes, and gardens in particular.
After the death of Francois, the house where he lived in turned into a museum containing pictures taken by himself from the scenes of this marvelous gardens.
The exotic gardens contains several groups of private gardens especially from Asia like the China and the Japan gardens. Other very popular gardens are the Congo and the Andalusian gardens. The exotic gardens includes as well a building for reptiles, and a group of wild birds such as the European pink ostrich, and parrots from Africa and Australia. The goal is to combine plants and animals that represent the ecosystem objects.

What you need to know:

   All Family
   Adults: 20 DH
   Kids: 15 DH
   Groups: 60 DH
Time Operation
   Tuesday -  Sunday       9:00 AM -  6:00 PM
Time to be spent : 2 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction:
   Small Taxi
Restroom : Available on site
Parking : Available near location
Food : No information


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