Mohamed 6 Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat is the largest museum institution in the Kingdom of Morocco that is interested in modern art and contributes to the protection of the artistic and cultural heritage that dates back to about a century in Morocco.

The museum is a place of interaction and encouragement of contemporary artistic talents, and a way through which the public learns about the creativity of contemporary artists. The museum also has educational goals that seek to link students to art by attracting groups to establish a culture of art in everyday life.

The museum was built on three floors to be fully functional, including a seminar hall, spaces for exhibitions named after Moroccan artists (Shuaiba Talal, Jilali El Gharabawy, Mariam Meziane, Ahmed El Sharkawy, Farid Belkahia, Hassan El Kalawy, Andrey El Baz, Mohamed El Qasimi ...) A laboratory for the restoration of works of art, a library, an honorary hall, a nursing room and a parking garage.

What you need to know:

   All Family
   Adults: 40 DH
   Kids: 10 DH
Time Operation
   Wednesday -  Monday       10:00 AM -  6:00 PM
Time to be spent : 1 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction:
   Small Taxi
Restroom : Available on site
Parking : Available near location
Food : Available on site


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