Jemaa El-Fna Square


Jemaa el Fna Square is the essence of Marrakech, without doubt. It is impossible to imagine visiting the city without stopping in this vibrant square. The square is an open theatre for fun and an opportunity for the audience to go back to history through storytellers and musicians.
The square is surrounded with shops offering visitors an excellent product from the Marrakesh traditional industry, especially Moroccan dresses, jewelry, and locally made carpets.
Today, the Jemaa el Fna is the engine of Marrakech economy and recreation. Historically, it has been a center for the organization of the army and protection of the state alongside the Koutoubia mosque. Historians refer to the el Fna Square to the space of the great mosque in the Saadian state.
Since 2002, UNESCO has considered the Jemaa El Fna square an oral heritage that must be preserved as a result of its cultural and civilizational presence throughout history and its continued leadership in the storytelling and arts.

What you need to know:

   All Family
Time Operation
   Monday -  Sunday       11:00 AM -  12:00 PM
Time to be spent : 5 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction : - هناك عدة حافلات تؤدي إلى الساحة رقمها (/66/(10/14/7/6/22/1.
- هناك أيضا سيارة اجرة .
- هناك ايضا سيارة اجرة كبيرة منطلقة من المسيرة 1 و متوجهة نحو المدينة بكلفة 5 دراهم
Restroom : مراحيض عامة في انحاء الساحة
Parking Availablilty : موقف للسيارات متاح على بعد -200 متر
Food Availability : يوجد مقاهي ومطاعم تقدم تقدم صنوف الأكل المغربي من الكسكس والبسطيلة والبقول والسمك والمقليات والدجاج والطاجين المغربي.


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