Ouzoud waterfalls

Ouzoud Falls is the most famous waterfalls in Morocco; it is considered as a major destination of thousands of local visitors and foreign tourists in demand for rest and relaxation and to enjoy the magic of nature.
These waterfalls are located in the village of Tanajmilt in the High Atlas Mountains, which belong to the province of Azilal, away from the Moroccan capital Rabat for about 350 kilometers to the south. The height of the falls is of about 110 meters which making the water fall from the top an outstanding natural beauty.
The word Ouzoud in the Tamazight language means olive. This fruit is very popular in the area, as well as pomegranates, figs, almonds, apples, oak, and others.
Other important waterfalls in the area are “Tamdah” and “Sidi Bughndaz” Falls in the Sheikh Zawya mountainous area, as well as waterfalls and fountains of Asrdon in the town of Beni Mellal.
These waterfalls contributes significantly to the mountain tourism in the area, the natural charm that characterized the province attracted many sports like Skydiving in the province of Beni Mellal. The area is a popular destination as well for the practice of fishing, especially in the valleys of the waterfall, in the bin-el-ouidane dam, and the natural lakes that exist in the site. Other sports practiced are cycling, mountain climbing, and skiing.

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