Tazota buildings

El Jadida

The word (Tazota) means in Tamazight the pot pie shape, a meaning that explains the likely fact that this building has its origins back to the days of the Phoenicians and Romans era. These are existed in Al-Jdida city alone in Morocco.
Tazotas designed on a circular shape with stones organized like pyramids, without the addition of any other material of construction. We may find some of the walls coated on the inside with mud mixed with straw and reeds. The Structure is based on the matrix of stones carefully, and as the days passed by the invasion of concrete construction Threaten Tazotas to disappear.
It is known that the form Tazota construction made the collapse of the stones fall outside which protects the inside of the building.
Some Tazotas have been converted to a natural stay for visitors.

What you need to know:

  Historic & Cultural
   All Family
   Horseback riding
Time to be spent : 2 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction : يمكنك أن تأخد طاكسي من الحجم الكبير قرب المحطة الطرقية بمدينة الجديدة الثمن 20 درهم
Restroom : المراحض متاحة على بعد 10 متر
Parking Availablilty : - موقف للسيارات متاح على بعد 3 متر
Food Availability : - يوجد مقاهي وفي الغالب الدجاج الشواء و.كل انواع الاكلات الطبيعية BIO


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