Moulay Ali Cherif Mausoleum


The tomb of Moulay Ali al-Sharif is located in the city of Al-Risani in the Tafilalet region, Rashidieh area. The importance of the mausoleum is due to its historical value. The Moulay Ali al-Sharif is the founder of the present Alawite dynasty after the fall of the Saadian rule in Morocco. The mausoleum was built by his ancestor Sidi Mohammed ben Abdellah after his body was displaced from the zawya of Tigramt, 200 km from the area. The place contains the tombs of Moulay Ali al-Sharif and his sons Moulay Mohamed, Moulay Youssef, Sidi Lahib ben Zine El Abidine Ben Moulay Ismail, and Moulay Rachid Ben Sidi Mohamed Ben Abderrahmane.
The mausoleum features an ornate gate with an entrance to the large hall that houses the tomb of Moulay Ali al-Sharif. It has a spacious courtyard, a balcony and a mosque with a dome measuring 11 meters, 7 meters wide and 15 meters high.
The founder of the Alawite state Moulay Ali Al-Sharif is a man of his time. He was known for his righteousness and piety, and the great number of endowments and charity. He divided his time between Hajj and Jihad in Africa and Andalusia.

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