Bedouin cultural museum

The origins of the Amazigh of hassi labiad culture dated back to the tribe Ait Khebbach, part of the great confederation Ait Atta from the southeast of the Morocco Sahara. The members of originally nomadic tribe were known as great travelers due to the long routes they traveled through Sahara. They controlled the Tafilalt Oasis which today belongs to the large region of Meknes.
Amazigh means to be is this freedom to which their name is related a great pillar of life and connection with the elements of nature that for centuries have accompanied their history and journey through the desert .Just like seasonal pasture and rain –bearing clouds whose sons are migrating nomads living in the world of incessant disruptions and uncertainty of returns.
The museum of Nomadic Culture in hassi labiad was created to spread and conserve elements of the local history related to the nomadic life, their customs, values, traditions, and believes.

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   All Family
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   Monday -  Saturday       10:00 AM -  5:00 PM
Time to be spent : 1 Hour(s)
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   Big Taxi
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