On the way from the Errashidiya the main city of Tafilalet region (Southeast) and Once you pass the small Rissani City, the first time visitor get shocked by a sudden appearance of huge dunes of sands making shapes of mountains in the middle of nowhere. This picture will only dissipate when you see some green patches here and there in the heart of the drought. These are the oases of Merzouga characterized with palm trees surrounded by various kinds of plants.
Tourists are inspired with Merzouga desert which changes color between golden shiny and orange according to sunrise and sunset. Two types of tourism made Merzouga a global destination:
- Seasonal tourism mainly for hospitalization by taking a bat under the sand. With high temperatures that makes the sand hotter, the flow of visitors asking for the healing of various diseases of the joints (Arthritis).
- Ecological for sports and exploration along the all days of the year, especially for lovers of the desert. You notice guided tours by foot or on camels across the charming dunes of sands. Some prefer Four-wheel drive cars via specific pathways known to people in the region or convoys of motorcycles in the dunes. These are unforgettable scenes of daily life in the desert of Merzouga.

What you need to know:

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   All Family
Time to be spent : 6 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction : - الإنطلاقة من أرفود يجب عليك أن تأخد طاكسي من الحجم الكبير قرب الملعب ثم تتجه إلى الريصاني .الثمن 8 دراهم - ثم تأخد طاكسي من الحجم الكبير قرب السوق التقليدي ثم تتجه إلى مرزوقة .الثمن 15 دراهم .
Parking Availablilty : قرب مرزوقة
Food Availability : هناك مطاعم شعبية ومقاهي في مرزوقة


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