Saadien Tombs

Tombs Saadien which is the most popular shrines in Morocco is located in the Almoahidi Kasbah in Marrakech, and has remained closed until the period of the French protectorate of Morocco, after discovery it becomes a major touristic destination.
The cemetery was built in 1557 by Sultan Abdallah al-Ghalib, and the founder of Saadien Sultan Sheikh Mohammad was the first to be buried in it. A major expansion has been done under Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur to accommodate the family members.
Once access to the vault you think yourself inside the palace of the Abbasid time. The place does not look like anything in a cemetery; it is an architectural masterpiece and a mixture of Moroccan and Andalusian beauty, especially those belonging to the era of Nasiriyah in Granada.
The Saadien tombs yard surrounded by a fence supported by towers, it had two sides each hand with halls for burial. The First side has a hall dedicated to prayer and accommodates several graves. The second side has twelve columns and is the most beautiful thing in the graves of Saadien, covered by a dome with a wooden roof; this place is the tomb of Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur and the tomb of his son Zidane Anasir.
The inscriptions on the graves commemorate some of the sultans and princes. There is another room called the Dome "Lala Masuda," where the mother of Ahmad al-Mansur was buried.

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