Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah museum

The history of the building of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah Museum is due to the nineteenth century, and had known several design changes. The building was designed to the Arab-Islamic architecture where a set of rooms overlooking a courtyard with a fountain.
The building was an accommodation to one of the responsible of the city, and then a headquarters of the municipality in the era of French protection, then a House for the Youth.
In October 20, 1980 and on the occasion of the first music festival, the building has become the headquarters of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah Museum, which aims to preserve the cultural heritage of the city and the region.
First floor:
It offers the visitor a historical data about the city and the region since stone civilizations to the Phoenician period, Mauritanian, Romanian, to the founding of the city during the eighteenth century by Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah. You can also find set of photographs that monitor urban development along history.
Second floor:
Displays the following collections:
- Ornaments represent the Amazigh, Jewish and Arab cultures.
- Models of firearms.
- A set of coins made in Essaouira during the reign of Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah.
- Music instruments especially for Gnawa, Malhoun, Berber, and Andalusian music.

What you need to know:

   All Family
   Adults: 20 DH
Time Operation
   Monday -  Sunday       8:00 AM -  5:00 PM
Time to be spent : 2 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction:
   Small Taxi
Restroom : Available near location
Parking : Available near location
Food : Available near location


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