Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace is associated with the wife of the strong Chamberlain in the nineteen century of the period of Sultan Moulay Hassan I, (1873 - 1894) and Prime Minister of his son Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz, (1894 - 1908), Ahmed bin Musa bin Ahmed Asamlali who died in 1900 in Marrakech, famous as " Ba Hammad". He built the Bahia Palace in honor of the memory of his wife, and for gratitude and love.
The Bahia Palace featuring several suites, rooms, extensions, pools, gardens, in addition to El Menzah and the garden known as “Agdal Ba Hammad”. After the death of “Ba Hammad” , many popular figures lived since 1906, one of them is “Medani Klawi” the brother of the Pasha of Marrakech “Thami Klawi”, after him the “Mokri” takes place until 1912, then the palace become a residence for the French Resident-General “Lyautey”, where the palace is air conditioned.
The total area of the palace is around 22 thousand square meters, but it shrunk after the construction of several institutions and facilities in the big garden that has been separated from the palace.

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  Historic & Cultural
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   Small Taxi
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