The old city of Essaouira

The city of Essaouira is founded in 1760 in the Alaoute period, during the reign Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah when he created the port for foreign trade. The port played an important role in linking Morocco, the Sahara, Europe, and the new world of America.
The Medina is an outstanding example of the cities of the seventeenth century fortified in Morocco and North Africa, built according to the foundations of military engineering of that era and considered a model of European and Islamic architecture. The City surrounded walls were built in 1765 in order to protect it from any foreign attack. The technique used to build the walls is rammed dirt over the stone to lower the cost, same technique have been used during Almohad era.
The city of one of the most important Moroccan historical cities, and was registered in the World Heritage sites of UNESCO in 2001.

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