The Portuguese neighborhood Mazagan

El Jadida

The Portugal neighborhood known as “Mazagan” preserves the memory of Al-Jadida city and considered one of the most important archaeological places; it is a witness to the most important stages of its history. The castle named as «Mazgan Portuguese», which derived its name from «Mazighan» a word of Amazighs.
Mazgan was initially built between 1514 and 1517 over an ancient place called "Albrijat". Between 1541 and 1548, the Italian architect Benedetto di Ravenna completed a new design of expansion.
The Portuguese occupied the region due to the importance of its strategic location on the west coast since 1514; the Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah was able to take it back in 1769 after a long siege.
Today the city called Al-Jadida and registered in the World Heritage by the Organization "UNESCO since 2004.

What you need to know:

  Historic & Cultural
   All Family
   Day use area
Time to be spent : 4 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction : كل وسائل النقل متاحة لان المسقاة تقع وسط مدينة الجديدة – بالنسبة للوسيلة السهلة هي طاكسي صغير ثمن للشخص الواحد 7 دراهم من كافة انحاء المدينة
Restroom : المراحض متاحة على بعد 10 متر
Parking Availablilty : موقف للسيارات متاح على بعد 50 متر
Food Availability : يوجد مقاهي وفي الغالب الدجاج الشواء .وكذلك السوق على بعد150 متر


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