Place Mohamed V

Mohammed V Square is located in the heart of the economical city of Casablanca, the Square changed name many times as the rulers of the city change over time, it was formerly called the United Nations Square, “Lyouthey” Square, the administrative square, the big square, and the Victory Square. Now famous with the pigeons square.
Mohammed V Square was built in 1920. The idea of building the square has come to the mind of the public Resident “Lyouthey” to create the modern city of Casablanca with a European style, the square was designed by Joseph Maras.
The square is a house of the current headquarters of the municipality of Casablanca know to the public with the big watch, this building was established in the thirties by Maurice Bauer, the tower reaches 50 meters and can been seen from very far. The building was opened jointly by Sultan Mohammed Ben Youssef and French President Albert Lebrun and considered a masterpiece of architecture inside or outside and harmonious mix of cultures.

What you need to know:

   All Family
Time to be spent : 2 Hour(s)
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   Small Taxi
Restroom : No information
Parking : Available on site
Food : Available near location


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