Um El-Rabea sources

Um El-Rabea sources is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Khenifra province. It is 25 km from Mrert city, 35 km from Ein El Louh and 46 km from Khenifra.
In the depth of the Atlas Mountains, the Umm El-Rabea sources are one of the beautiful places of Moroccan nature. It is the beginning of springs that nourish one of the longest rivers in Morocco, with a length of 600 km and a 142.2 cubic meter per second. its water is used to generate electricity for the Umm Al-Rabi station debuting in december 2004. The number of sources flowing is 47; 40 fresh and 7 salty water.
The area of ​​the sources of the spring is characterized by moderate weather, cool water and special places to enjoy and relax. Many tourists visit the place in the spring and summer, which contributes to the prosperity of the economy of the region. The inhabitants of the region use their spaces to welcome visitors to discover the place and see a waterfall flowing from a rocky mountain, spending their day between the watercourse Under simple wooden houses in the two hills, embracing the sound of flowing water and meals such as the Moroccan tagine, tea, and hot bread prepared by the Amazigh women under a quiet fire in a traditional clay.

What you need to know:

  Environmental Site
   All Family
Time to be spent : 8 Hour(s)
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   Big Taxi
   Horseback riding
Restroom : Available on site
Parking : Available on site
Food : Available on site


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