Hassan II mosque

Hassan II mosque is located in the coast of Casablanca by the Corniche Road. It is a haven for residents and visitors to enjoy moments of peace and quiet in a crowded and noisy city. It's a historic monument that was built during the king of the late King Hassan II. The construction begin 1987 and completed six years later. When you visit this huge building at first, you get fascinated by the greatness and beauty. It was built to be greater mosque in Africa, to achieve this hundreds of traditional craftsmen and artisans workers from all over Morocco have collaborated with a cost of about $ 500 million.
The mosque has been built on an area of nine hectares. The design of the Mosque and the spacious courtyard and the minaret is due to the French architect Michel Penso. The mosque Features a wonderful decorations inspired by the Arab-Andalusian architecture and Moroccan models. The artisans and craftsmen use a range of materials like Tiles, plaster, and cedar wood that adorns the moving ceiling of the prayer hall. The minaret of the Hassan II Mosque has a height of 210 meters. The modern technologies have been used as well in roofs to open and close automatically. The laser rays emitted from the minaret toward the direction of Mecca range of about 30 kilometers.

What you need to know:

  House of Worship
   All Family
Time to be spent : 4 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction:
   Small Taxi
   Day use area
Restroom : Available on site
Parking : Available near location
Food : Available near location


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