Isli and Tislit Lakes

Imilchil is located in a mountainous region crossed by several rivers. The region is known for its Isli and Tislit lakes, which are located in the heart of the Great Atlas, 5 km and 16 km respectively from Imilchil center. A myth is made around the tribe of Ait Hadidou, which annually commemorates this myth by organizing the engagement season.
The two lakes are located within the geographical area of ​​the National Park on the east of the Great Atlas, which extends over an area of ​​55,252 Hr. It is a natural space with ecological value of its contents of plants, animals, birds and fish. The two lakes are located near the village of Imilchil in the depth of the great atlas. The Isli Lake belongs to the tribe of Ait Ibrahim and is located at a height of 2,270 meters, surrounded by fertile pasture habitat of several types of fish and birds, especially Wild ducks. Lake Tislit is part of the geographical area of ​​the tribe of Ait Yazza, located at an altitude of 2,252 meters, and it is an open lake that feeds the valley of Asif Melloul, which is also the refuge of some animals and birds.
There is no doubt that the mention of these two lakes only the need to invoke their legend. The name "Isli" on the large lake, while the name "Tislit" on the small lake. The myth is based on the hostility between the two tribes (Ait Brahim and Ait Yazza) over the grazing lands and water. This dispute reached the point of preventing marriage between them.

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