The old city of Tetouan


The ancient city of Tetouan is a very special city despite its small size compared with other Moroccan cities. Its architecture inspired by the Andalusian style of Granada, it is characterized by its narrow alleys and spacious homes which made it a beautiful masterpiece that match the rest of the Moroccan old cities.
Visitor finds pleasure in walking among its streets and its “Riyads” provide a journey into the past with rich architectural heritage. The city joined the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 1997.
Tetouan had a great importance in the Moroccan and Islamic history, as reconstructed by the Muslims who were expelled after the fall of Andalusia during the fifteenth century.

What you need to know:

  Historic & Cultural
   All Family
Time to be spent : 2 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction : هناك وسيلة وحيدة للوصول إلى المدينة العتيقة وهي سيارة الأجرة من انوع الصغير .الثمن ما بين 7 أو 10 دراهم .
Restroom : المراحض متاحة وسط المدينة العتيقة .
Parking Availablilty : قرب باب الدخول للمدينة العتيقة .
Food Availability : هناك مطاعم شعبية قرب المدينة العتيقة.


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