The Cave of Hercules

Cave Hercules is a tourist area par excellence located near the city of Tangier(around 14 kilometers). The cave is dating back to 2500 BC. Ancient references claim it was the headquarters of Hercules, the legend man that Romanian and the Phoenician talked about.
The cave contains two entrances, one on the sea and is known by its form that looked like the map of Africa, and the official entrance from the ground. The cave is characterized by its location where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meets away some kilometers off Gibraltar.
The discovery of excavations shows that remnants are dating back to 5000 BC, which shows that the civilization is return to the Stone Age. Circular shapes in the rock inside the cave indicate that the place was used for the mill industry used either locally or foreign trade.
This exciting cave was discovered in 1906 and the tunnel extends to 30 kilometers into the ground.

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