Oulhao is located in the touristic city of Agadir, and one of the landmarks that visitors don’t hesitate to visit. The park Oulhao was inaugurated in 1992 perpetuate the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the signing cooperation between the city of Agadir and the city Oulhao Portuguese.
The garden is located in the popular neighborhood of Tlbergt Agadir,
This park turned into a hot spot to visitors from different countries. However, the Portuguese tourists are likely to visit this unique garden which is influenced by the abundance of Portuguese fingerprints.
For some families in the city it is a place to have lunch or inside the restaurants found in the place. They enjoy the natural space, the singing birds, or listening to the murmur of water emitted from fountains.

What you need to know:

   All Family
Time Operation
   Tuesday -  Sunday       2:00 AM -  7:00 PM
Time to be spent : 1 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction : - الحافلة رقم 22 القادمة من الولاية و تمر قرب الحديقة
- وهناك أيضا سيارة أجرة صغيرة
Parking Availablilty : بعيد على المنتزه ب70 متر
Food Availability : هناك وجبات خفيفة على بعد 100متر .


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