Dar Jamai museum

The palace of Dar Al-Jamai Palace was built in 1882. It was constructed by the Minister Mohammed bin Al-Arabi Al-Jamai during the period of Sultan Moulay Hassan I. This palace turned into a museum in 1920 under the name of "The museum of local art" to be renamed Dar Al-Jamai Museum.
It was taken by the colonial authorities when entering the city of Meknes during the protection period and turn into a military hospital. In 1916, the Dar Al-Jamai turned into the headquarters of Fine Arts, while in the year 1920 the building includes a museum and a house of traditional industry.
The museum exhibits both types carved and painted wood, home furniture, traditional dress and some precious silk belts, as well as wing for Andalusian styles characterized by passages of ceramic tiles and a special booth of musicians and chanters.

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   All Family
   Adults: 10 DH
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   Monday -  Friday       10:00 AM -  6:00 PM
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   Small Taxi
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