Sahrij(reservoir) swani


Sahrij Sawani or the Sawani reservoir is part of a large group, in addition to the reservoir the place contains a home of a ten Swanee and grain stores for stocks. The place built by Moulay Ismail (1672-1727) within five hundred meters from his palace. His desire was to contain any risk in a state of siege or drought and provide the city with drinking water. As we do not know the exact date of its construction, it is likely that due to the end of the seventeenth century, where sources confirm that the new capital has taken its final form.
Sahrij Sawani provides various buildings and public facilities with water (mosques, baths, houses, orchards, and fields ...). The reservoir is linked by a network of water from next building. Because of the strategic nature of this water source, a defensive system consists of a high wall even though a small isolated piece remains on the site.

What you need to know:

  Historic & Cultural
   All Family
Time to be spent : 3 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction : الوسيلة الوحيدة للوصول إلى صهريج السواني هي سيارة الاجرة.
كما ان هناك وسيلة اخرى قرب صهريج السواني لتقوم بجولة في المدينة العتيقة مكناس وهي (الكوتشي )
Parking Availablilty : مكان وقوف السيارات قرب صهريج السواني

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