Cala Iris Beach

Al Hociema

Cala iris beach is located 60 km from Al Hoceima on the Mediterranean Sea in a privileged tourist spot, the beach is popular among local immigrants and some Europeans. The location is characterized by its climate and the natural environment amidst the forest and surrounding mountains providing the visitor with comforts and recreation. The surrounding islands brings peace and promise of a good time.

Visitors, especially children, can swim comfortably and take advantage of a depth of half a meter, boats can be rented to spend time in the sea near the islands. Some visitors prefer to spend a day of swimming, while others prefer camping or come to the place for a fishing hobby.

What you need to know:

   All Family
Time to be spent : 48 Hour(s)
Transportation and Direction : - يجب عليك ان تأخذ طاكسي كبيرة من مدينة الناظور قرب الكورنيش نحو فرخانة
- ثم من فرخانة تأخذ طاكسي كبيرة وتتجه إلى شاطئ كلاريس.
Restroom : قرب الشاطئ
Parking Availablilty : قرب الشاطئ
Food Availability : هناك مقاهي في الغالب الدجاج الشواء والسمك


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